Who will be the Ruler of the booming Southeast Asia digital economy?

Southeast Asia is the new territory of “Gold Rush” for its burgeoning digital economy. So let us figure out the biggest and largest in the simplest Q&A fashion before we embark on the adventure of becoming a millionaire in the region (answers based on the 2018 report by Google and Temasek.

Q1: Which country in SEA is now the largest internet economy in terms of market size?

A: Indonesia

Q2: The most developed internet economy market at this stage in this region?

A: Vietnam (measured by the internet economy GMV as % of GDP)

Q3: Which sector is currently the largest and most established for the local internet economy?

A: Online travel


Q4: The most dynamic sector driving the growth of the digital economy?

A: E-commerce

Q4: The largest e-commerce market in the region?

A: Indonesia

Q5: The largest e-commerce players in the area?

Q6: Which sector of the internet economy attracts most of the funding?

A: Ride-Hailing

Q7: Name some of the current bottlenecks pending to be solved in order to unleash the full potential of SEA internet economy?


  • Internet infrastructure improvement
  • More money
  • Building consumer trust for internet services
  • Attract more talented professionals
  • Development of logistic network
  • Wider adoption of digital payment

Whether you really want to be a millionaire or just to impress your friends at the dinner table, the above basic knowledge should really help.


By: Cecilia Wu