The razzle dazzle robots in Pizza Hut in China

We just cannot get enough of robots in China. Recently Pizza Hut launched a high-tech store with two robots inside in Shanghai; one delivers food and the other one delivers drink. It is said after one week trial, the robots can save up to 50% of the human labor. Here comes the image of the robot:

The robots are actually developed by a local startup Imee. ai, which specializes in robot concierge services, such as guidance, drink delivery for hotels.

The concept store of Pizza Hut seems to have more fun to offer, by collaborating with Tencent. For instance:

-Amazon Echo like device which allows customers to use voice to personalize your seating area, the lights and even play your favorite music.

-Interactive Wechat mini-program games, projected on the wall

-customized smart menu ordering, again you can simply touch the wall to do it

Above all, Tencent’s smart store solution claims to provide some impressive analytics and insights on customer profiling, precision marketing etc.

It is actually not the first time Pizza Hut tries to toy with robots. Two years ago, it rolled out a “PH+” concept store in Shanghai and Hangzhou, putting robot concierge service in a test. But it does not seem to gain much momentum.

Since 2014, Pizza Hut’s performance in China has been on a declining path. Though last year its sales started to pick up, in the first quarter of 2018, it still showed sign of sluggishness. Pizza Hut decided to throw quite a lot money on the digital transformation of its chain restaurants,  anticipating robots might save the situation, so fingers crossed.

Author: Cecilia Wu