Location intelligence on the rise in China

Wiki explains location intelligence is the process of deriving meaningful insight from geospatial data relationships to solve a particular problem.

If you feel the definition is abstract, then the video demo from a Spanish startup Geoblink would make it a lot clearer. The startup has raised USD 6 million offering a SaaS product for physical stores to enhance their location-based marketing data and improving in-store networks, forecasting sales, expansion, and distribution strategies.



Essentially it is a type of Business Intelligence (BI) where the dominant dimension of analysis is geography or location with data points overlayed on an interactive heat map interface. We give below a sample look of the city heat map from Nielson which just launched a location intelligence product called SMART-GEO in August 2018 in China.

Local big third-party data intelligence solution provider such as TalkingData rolled out a similar offer this week as well.


Meanwhile, local startups are neither less aggressive nor less capable in the scene. For instance, a Shanghai-based startup Xmandata established in 2016, even landed a big client like Hong-Kong based real estate company Shui On Land which is behind an affluent car-free shopping, eating and entertainment district Xintiandi. It is said Xintiandi property currently only has three vendors for big data analytics, and Xmandata is one of them. Though on each day Xintiandi receives at least 80000 visitors, among which 80% are tourists, Xintiandi still resorts to Xmandata to answer the 3 fundamental questions facing any property management company:

Who are these people?

Where do they come from?

What do they do in Xintiandi?

Another major product from Xmandata is “site selection”, helping business find a new store location. The startup hopes to capitalize on the rising opportunity of quick expansion trend from sectors such as convenience stores, chain restaurants in China.

If big or small players have been swarming onto this pond, it means just one thing: location intelligence has become a hot spot in China.

By: Cecilia Wu