JD.com Teases Users With 3D E-Ecommerce

Customers shopping on JD.com, the second largest e-commerce platform in China, probably have discovered a new feature upon purchasing some big ticket items lately. Basically, you can view the product in a 3D display, enlarge or reduce the size, swirl it around, see it in different angles, look into its internal structure…below comes a video demo for the gas cooker sold on JD:



Insiders told JD has a burning desire in implementing the 3D e-commerce, especially for these higher pricing consumer electronics and home appliances, in order to enhance the shopping experience and improve the conversion rate. JD had hosted a 3D e-commerce modeling contest among a bunch of selected startup two years ago and eventually, a Shanghai-based local company won the first prize. That is how the company started a pilot project with JD.

Not only does the company offer 3D rendering, but also works on 3D interaction analysis. For instance below video demonstrates Kohler’s bathroom heating system. The 3D production is based on the engineering model and customers can click on different functions to see different effects, then the data analytics can be collected at the back-end.


Or if the clients would need the 3D imitation to be as much close to the real object, like the sofa below, then it would require either laser scan or very complicated photo shooting process. The 3D per sofa could cost RMB 1000 based on my interview with the company. Depending on the complexity of the product, the pricing can even go up.


Today the pricing and process of 3D e-commerce would still impose big hurdle for regular brands out there. Only giant e-commerce platform like JD has the big wallet to toy with such idea. However, JD’s experiment has just been a pilot so far, and we wonder whether or when JD might deploy it on a massive scale.

By: Cecilia Wu