Japan might be leading the wave of online fitting in the world

Japan is a country famously known for its meticulousness and preciseness so the same attitude will bring into the sizing&fitting issue for apparel e-commerce.

One hottest trend right now is ZoZo suit, a skin-tight, hi-tech bodysuit designed to help shoppers get the right size. Japan’s largest online retailer StartToday will soon ship 1 million Zozosuits to its customers for free. 


One source suggests the technology is actually achieved via a partnership with a New Zealand-based wearable sensing systems company StretchSense, though StartToday has developed the proprietary algorithms that utilize machine learning to process its massive database of body data.



In fact, foreign startups are actually helping Japanese retailers polish their e-commerce online fitting. For instance Virtusize, this Swedish startup even has relocated its headquarters to Tokyo. Its solution superimposes images of shoppers’ past purchases over prospective ones to compare size and fit. It is said the technology is currently used by over 45 companies in Japan, including the major department store Marui Group and upscale chain United Arrows.

Japan is also one the largest markets for UK-based 3D-A-Porter, which offers three-dimensional body scanning and virtual clothing try-on.

So if you are one of those startups in this vertical, perhaps time to say Konichiwa  and pay your tribute to the Japanese market.

By: Cecilia Wu