Japan is the testing ground for autonomous check-out startups overseas

We talked about Amazon-Go-ish, cashier-less checkout technology in March (see link here), and now we decide to run an update. If you would like to know the most leading startups in this field at this stage, here comes the short list, albeit not exhaustive.

Among them, Standard Cognition is taking the leap. One good news follows another. In July, it raised an additional $5.5 million. Now it just opened an office in Tokyo and signed Paltac Corporation, one of the biggest wholesalers of FMCG products and OTC drugs, as its first customer in the country. In Japan, current autonomous checkout technology only has two option: RFID or scan-and-go. So Standard Cognition solution looks unique in the eyes of Japanese retailers.

It is said the project in Japan will use only ceiling-mounted cameras, with no sensors on the shelves, in order to cut complexity and costs. It will use cameras to track what people pick up along with their body movement, then it will automatically bill them when they leave the store.

More startup players in this vertical are actually popping up, but so far Standard Cognition seems to be the only one capable of seriously putting their technology into large-scale retail deployment. Standard Cognition is said also working with other unnamed retailers in the US.


By: Cecilia Wu