Douyin & Miaopai Account for 70% of Short Videos for Cosmetic Brands in China

In China, cosmetics brands leverage 3 key weapons to target their potential/loyal customers and hope to turn traffics into conversions:

  • Celebrity endorsement
  • KOL product demo&review
  • User-generated content

They actually have quite a few local social toys to play up this game, meanwhile, short video platform is also quickly becoming the mainstream of marketing channel.

Among a bunch of players in China, Douyin and Miaopai are the most popular destinations for cosmetics brands, account for 70% of the market share in terms of short video posting volume, according to the data from a local research company

And high-end foreign brands like Chanel, Givenchy are proactively adopting the trend. 8 foreign bands are ranked as the top 10 most active brands in terms of short video posting volume.

The research also suggests that if by analyzing the volume of comments across different short video platforms,

Douyin tends to trigger more comments for high-end cosmetics brands, but mass-market brands witness a much larger proportion of comments via Miaopai.

The research firm concludes that by crawling all the social data from the above marketing channels, the most talked about skincare product is Mask and the make-up category is Lipstick.

Not surprisingly, insiders told me a long time ago brands like M.A.C or Chanel usually conduct social monitoring study focusing on Lipsticks. Few findings are very interesting based on what I heard from the insiders.

  • Chinese consumers tend to discuss Maybelline lipstick along with M.A.C, even though  M.A.C positions itself as a premium or even luxury makeup brand
  • If you need just one word to describe how Chinese consumers talk about Chanel lipstick, what would you guess? Well, the answer might be “Breakup“…it is said many women were social talking breakup experience by mentioning Chanel lipstick, usually a gift from the former boyfriend with the wrong color, which means Chanel lipstick perhaps has much higher brand awareness among Chinese men. Nevertheless, if we use computation model to compare the unauthorized sales volume on Alibaba’s Tmall and Taobao between Dior and Chanel (both brands have not set up flagship stores on Alibaba’s e-commerce platform yet), Dior somehow outperforms Chanel. It might indicate Dior has done a much better lipstick marketing job than Chanel, especially among Chinese female buyers.

Needless to say, the rise of short video channel will add one more dimension for the social listening business intelligence for the cosmetics brands.

By: Cecilia Wu