Fashion smart mirror starts to talk

We talked about smart mirrors for fashion a while ago (check our blog link), and here comes an update. We just heard the latest news from H&M: unveiled a talking mirror in New York, collaborated with Microsoft, which can offer:

  • Selfie in a virtual fashion magazine cover
  • Fashion advice

See video demo below:



The critics might say the mirror technology is not sufficiently sophisticated. For instance, even if the mirror takes your selfie, it cannot distinguish your gender automatically, and it needs to ask your choice; on top of that, we are not certain whether the fashion suggestion is truly personalized or not. Nevertheless compared with those smart mirrors still using fingers for interaction in the market, this one seems like a leapfrog by playing the idea of AI voice recognition. After all, the main goal of a fashion concept store is mostly about bringing new technology for an experiment and recreating theĀ “snow white magic mirror” experience to amaze your customers, not necessarily for scale-up or revenue boost.