China Xiaohongshu’s new secret weapons to attract more brands

From fashion to beauty, it is said the holy grail of the holy grail to convert your potential customers in China is through Xiaohongshu (Little Red Book), one of the leading social apps, which combines the hodgepodge features of Instagram, Pinterest, blog, forum, community, short video, social e-commerce…

The app now has garnered over 200 million users; 80% of them are female, born after the 90s, mostly from tier 1 & 2 cities, producing at least 150,000+ user-generated articles on a daily basis.

Today 3000+ brands choose to open an official account on Xiaohongshu, but its appetite to attract more to join has been simply unsatiable.

It claimed to offer 4 pillar services for the brands:

  • Data insights
  • Traffic reach
  • Content marketing
  • Social shopping

Data insight is probably the most sought-after item among the four, which mainly cover three key areas:

  • Industry Trend
  • Brand Reputation
  • User Profile

Each brand official account will also have a glimpse of its basic performance on Xiaohongshu via its back-end dashboard.

But the real bazooka is Xiaohongshu’s launch of Brand’s Partner Open Platform.

The open platform basically links 3 vital players: brands, KOLs, and agencies altogether.

You can obtain a detailed look at every KOL profile.

Or you can compare a list of KOLs officially approved by Xiaohongshu, select the ones you prefer and even get in touch with them directly.

Albeit not a novel idea, as many external marketing companies are already offering very similar services. But the fact that Xiaohonghshu starts to consolidate and formalize the channel of KOL business makes it sound more legitimate, compared to other existing third-party incumbents. In addition, it is a telltale sign that Xiaohonghsu is hoping to branch out new monetization models by capitalizing on its massive amount of UGC or paid UGC data.

By: Cecilia Wu