West meets East: Can foreign start-ups succeed in China?

Despite China’s impressive growth and appetite for innovation, most of western start-ups remain cautious about a potential expansion there, often intimidated by the barriers of culture, language, mindset or simply the imaginable unknown. This panel will discuss how Chinese start-up ecosystem differs from the West and what are the opportunities for foreign start-ups in this vibrant yet still unknown market.

Based in Shanghai, Max Peiro is a veteran entrepreneur and investor with long experience in implementing innovative tech startups in China. He currently manages Sanpei Ventures, China’s first Venture Builder developing equity partnerships with Western tech start-ups to accelerate their growth in China. Prior to this role, he established and expanded China operations of Beabloo, a leading Retail Analytics start-up from Spain. The success of Beabloo in China led the startup to receive investment from SoftBank. Previously he co-founded eQi, a multichannel retail agency based in Shanghai. Max expertise focuses on bridging foremost technologies from the West into China market.