4YFN opens the door to the Israeli market for startups and international investors

  • A delegation of startups, investors and accelerators will be shown the Israeli entrepreneurial ecosystem, a world-renowned technological hub, on a tour supported by 4YFN
  • 4YFN will have its own space within the DLD Innovation Festival to promote relationships between members of the delegation and the local entrepreneurial community
  • On Wednesday, 28 September, one of the festival’s stages (Hall C) will host the activities of the 4YFN Mobile and Startup Event, a series of presentations and panel discussions with experts in digital innovation

Barcelona, September 22, 2016 – 4 Years From Now (4YFN), the Mobile World Capital Barcelona (MWCB) platform for the growing community of global technology-driven startups, will travel for the second consecutive year to the DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival. For three days, from 26 to 28 September, 4YFN will bring together in Tel Aviv a delegation of technology startups with potential for international deployment so that they can learn about Israel’s high-tech ecosystem, along with international investors and accelerators.

The mission will follow a programme designed specifically for startups so that they can connect with the main player’s in Israel’s entrepreneurial community and present their projects. On the first day the group will participate in the 4YFN Tel Aviv Innovation Ecosystem Tour, a route that will expose them to key points of interest in the Israeli entrepreneurial ecosystem. Specifically, they will visit Applicaster, a startup operating in the audiovisual sector; Mazeh9, a meeting space dedicated to promoting creativity among youth in the country; and SOSA (South of Salame), an entrepreneurial community that fosters innovation through constant social interaction. After the tour the delegation’s members will have access to Cities Summit, en event focused on the field of innovation in the management of cities.

Starting on Tuesday 27 the delegation will have its own space at the 4YFN Networking Lounge, a meeting point within the Festival’s facility where they will be able to freely organise meetings with other attendees and participate in networking activities. Finally, on Wednesday the 4YFN Startup Pitching Sessions will be held, where the delegation’s startups will be able to present their projects on the event’s main stage.

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