Apparel shopping offline still matters? Technology concept overrated?

According to the latest study released by Li&Fung, fashion offline shopping might still matter a lot for Millennials. Its survey suggests that the shopping mall is the most favorite destination for Chinese Millenials purchasing clothes.

The survey is also digging into Chinese Millenials’ expectation for new retail technology. Generally speaking, Millennials consider in-store technology can enrich the overall shopping experience to a certain extent and be particularly useful for:


-Styling recommendation

-checking availability



  • Respondents did not have strong reactions (either positive or negative) toward them. That said, they expressed that brands and retailers that adopt advanced technology in-store give them a young, professional, trendy, creative and caring image; and this is more relevant to sportswear brands.
  • Some Millenials are even very old school and commented that sales associates are more important than technology in contributing to a good in-store shopping experience when shopping for clothes. What a surprise!