Alibaba to Wipe out Need for Human Created Advertising

Ever scratch your head trying to come up the creative lines for your product or market campaign? Perhaps the pain will soon pass as AI automation will generate the content and very likely eliminate the job of the human creative ad. Even though some consider it is not going to happen any time sooner, the pace of reaching the goal has been actually fast forward.

A while ago, it is said Saatchi & Saatchi Los Angeles trained the IBM Watson so the robot could write thousands of versions of ad copy, although many judged it is not mature enough to replace the human creative. This month, Alibaba unveiled a similar stunt during Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, Alimama’s AI copy. 

Alibaba claimed its robot can create 20,000 scripts within seconds. Just throw a product idea, say “foundation”, it can generate the content from few phases to detailed texts, and the wording style would be descriptive, poetic, romantic,  funny or even funky, all depending on your preferences. 

English language demo:

Chinese language demo:

The key advantage of Alibaba’s AI copy is it is able to leverage its massive existing content data from merchants or KOLs inside its e-commerce ecosystem then use them to quickly train the machine to fully grasp the writing skills. Even though critics might question Alibaba’s AI sophistication at this stage, sooner or later it will be drastically easing the burden of content production for the bulk of brands and vendors on the daily basis, especially those without a huge budget for hiring the ad agency, cutting the internal costs and team size.

Author: Cecilia Wu